When I first moved to Houston almost seven years ago, I knew approximately 5 people in the city, and none of those people had any marketing connections. When it came to finding my next career move, I was on my own.

Due to economic conditions at the time, I had shifted into more of a sales role, and marketing job opportunities were few and far between. This left me accepting a series of sales jobs that didn’t ignite my passion, and going to work every day became a daunting task.

Fast-forward to June 2010 when I attended my first networking event with the Houston chapter of the American Marketing Association. I met a few people, exchanged a few business cards, and went on my way without much more involvement.

The following February, I noticed a email volunteer opportunity listed in AMA Houston’s weekly job newsletter. I hadn’t touched an email marketing program in a few years, and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to brush up on some skills I could potentially use in a future position. Once I started volunteering, I was quickly asked to join the board of directors, to which I gladly accepted.

Four years later, I have held several board position on the communications team and co-chaired the Crystal Awards. While this part of my life is a huge time commitment, there are several reasons I continue to volunteer.

Skill Building

Volunteering with AMA Houston is a great way to build your skill set and beef up your resume. I try to choose roles that are different from what I do in my day job, which keeps it interesting. This is especially beneficial to people who are just getting started in their marketing careers and may not get the opportunity to touch some of these things in their actual jobs.


Ina city as big as Houston, there are an endless number of potential vendors, and relying on ratings isn’t always fool proof. Through my connections with AMA, I have a trusted network of vendors and professionals I can call on if I need work done or questions answered.

If I need to have video production or print work done, I now have trusted connections who do the type of work I need. I don’t have to rely on anonymous ratings. Similarly, if I encounter a question or problem in my job, I usually have someone I can call or email to offer guidance or answers. This alone is worth the investment.

As a transplant Houstonian, I will never be in the same position I was when I first moved here. If I find myself in a position where I am out of work or looking for a job, I now have hundreds of people who are familiar with my work ethic and skill set I can reach out to. It’s a lot less scary place to be.

Personal Connections

Let’s face it, making friends is really hard as an adult. If you’re not involved in some kind of group outside of work, where do you find other grown-ups to hang out with?

Through my volunteering with AMA, I have made friends and built lasting relationships I believe will be a part of my life for years to come. To me, the personal relationships are the most important, and they are the number one reason I continue to be involved.

Get In On the Fun

Now is the perfect time to join. As we get ready to begin our new fiscal year in July, there are endless opportunities to get involved, but you can’t volunteer if you’re not a member.

By using the code AMASPRING, you save $50 off your membership dues, and you still get all of the exciting benefits AMA Houston has to offer.

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